The rules and regulations of Red Bull Sea to Sky

1. General
2. Organizers and Contact
3. Event Program
4. Competition License and Event Entry Fee
5. Technical Terms
5.1 Motorcycles and Inspection
5.2 Changing of Motorcycle Parts
5.3 Fuel Supply (Refueling)
5.4 Starting Number
6. Mandatory Equipment
7. Start and Race Course, General
8. Rules, Valuation and Penalties
8.1 The Beach Race
8.2 The Forest Race
8.3 The Olympus Mountain Race
8.4 Miscellaneous
9. Miscellaneous
10. Closing the Track (Piste)
11. Responsibility and Renunciation to Responsibility of the Participants
12. Audio Visual Coverage

1. General

The “Red Bull Sea to Sky” is written out according to the following guidelines: The Red Bull Sea to Sky is authorized in TURKEY by the “Türkiye Motosiklet Federaszonu“ TMF and takes place on September 28-30, 2017.

The event consists of a “Beach Race” (September 28, 2017) right in front of the hotels at Kemer Beach to determine the starting order for the “forest Race”. The “Forest Race“ (September 29, 2017) determines the starting row for the “Olympos Mountain Race” on September 30, 2017. Fuel and drinking water on the track are provided by the organizers. Several emergency medical aid team offers its services for each participant during the whole event.

The organizers also supply:

  • Drinking water & Red Bull along the route at most checkpoints
  • A marked route for spectator vehicles, sweepers and rescue teams along the racing track
2. Organizers and Contact

The organizer is: LITO SLU in cooperation with Kemer Enduro Club
Sanctioned by: Turkish Motorbike Federation

Contact person for all INTERNATIONAL participants:

Cristina Litianu
Mobile Phone: +40 (736) 108 188

Organizer Contact for all TURKISH participants:

Mehmet Özdemir
Office Phone: +90 535 5613816

3. Event Program


Bronze & Silver guided Tours (for registered riders only!)
Monday, September 25, 2017

Olympos Peak Ride – guided tour
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Guided Tour to the peak of the Tahtali Mountain (Gold Finish) on easy trails and then downhill against the race track.

Train with the Pros – guided tour
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Extreme Enduro training with top Pro riders and guided tour.



Wednesday, September 27, 2017
21:00 riders briefing – Race HQ hotel

Beach Race:
Thursday, September 28, 2017 – Start 09:00

Forest Race:
Friday, September 29, 2017 – Start 09:00

Olympus Mountain Race:
Saturday, September 30, 2017 – Start 09:00

4. Competition License and Event Entry Fee

Competition License:

Turkish citizens need a national „Türkiye Motosiklet Federasyonu“ TMF Enduro or Cross Country license

Event Entry Fee
The participants must register using the online registration form that can be found on:

If there are any technical problems while doing this, an email to can be sent to request an registration via Email.

The event entry fee of €450 needs to be paid in CASH locally in Kemer during the individual registration process!


5. Technical Terms
5.1 Motorcycles and Inspection

The motorcycles must be in a technical irreproachable condition. They must not exceed noise emission of 96 dB (A). Motocross motorcycles are allowed. A functioning headlamp or torch light is obligatory. The organizer reserves the right to ban unsafe motorcycles from participation in the event.

5.2 Changing of Motorcycle Parts

The frame of the motorcycle may not be changed at anytime during the entire event.

5.3 Fuel Supply (Refueling)

Refuel ONLY with the engine turned off. Refuel your bike yourself. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the refueling areas. The fuel-stop is not mandatory. The fuel stops count in the race time. Further details on the position and procedure of the refuel stops will be made known at the competitor briefing in the hotel race HQ at 21.00 before each race day and will be announced on the notice board.

5.4 Starting Number

The starting numbers are included in the enrolment costs and will be handed out by the organizer. The starting numbers must be clearly and visibly positioned on the front, on the right and on the left of the motorcycle. Only the handed out starting numbers by Red Bull Sea to Sky officials may be used! (front and side panel numbers) It is the riders’ responsibility to ask the organizer for a replacement number if it is not readable any more.

6. Mandatory Equipment

For safety reasons riders must carry with them on their vehicles the following material: 1 GSM mobile phone in waterproof packaging (functional for incoming AND outgoing calls) 1 litre of water. Must wear a motorcycle Helmet.
GPS is not necessary for finding your way, all tracks are very well marked.
For the last 4 km of the Olympos Mountain Race will be above the tree line, the markers may be difficult to recognize in bad weather conditions, therefore a GPS is very helpful. Track will be provided to those who think they can make it to the top and who will leave their GPS devices at the registration.

7. Start and Race Course, General

All participants will get information on the exact starting procedure in the competitor & service crew briefing(s). The starting-grid, the starting list and interval formation will be announced at the competitors briefing on the evening before each race day.

Because of the exposed routing, each participant must treat contacts with competitors (overtaking), carefully and respectfully. Overtaking within checkpoints flags is not allowed. Checkpoints(CP) are timing points (competitors passage time is recorded) and are clearly indicated on the track by white and yellow flags.

Any conspicuous events during the race, regarding the competitors, such as evidently injured competitors or a technical defect stopped competitor, MUST be announced to the closest official race marshal. If serious injuries directly contact by mobile phone the race emergency number.

In case of an accident, riders are indebted to help a injured rider, please make contact by mobile phone with the rescue coordinators. An injured rider should never be left alone!

8. Rules, Valuation and Penalties
8.1 The Beach Race

– The “beach race” is a fenced round circuit similar to a motocross track with sandy soil. Some jumps and obstacles will be implemented.
– The WINNER of the “beach race” is the person who completes most laps in “15 minutes plus 1 more lap”. Qualified competitors not showing up at finals will be ranked on the last positions within the 50 riders in the finals. All competitors not qualified for the finals will be ranked based on their qualifying result.
– Start will be a mass start.
– The fastest 150 riders out of the qualifying runs will qualify for the Beach Race Finals: 1-50 in A Final, 51-100 in B Final and 101-150 in C Final
– The results – which will be posted one hour before riders briefing – determine the starting order for the “forest time trial race”.

Beach Race Schedule

9:00 – 9:30 Track walk
9:40 – First Run
10:45 – Second Run

14:00 Results posted in Race HQ and riders paddock

15:00 – Line up finals
15:30 – Final C: Slowest 50 riders ranked 101-150
15:55 – Final B: Medium paced 50 riders ranked 51-100
16:20 – Final A: Fastest 50 riders ranked 1-50

8.1.1 Beach Race qualifying
– Each competitor will race two laps, single started
– The faster of the two lap times will count for the finals
– The fastest 150 competitors are qualified for the finals
– The final beach race result for competitor 151 and slower will be taken from the faster time of their qualification runs

8.1.2 Beach Race finals
– The fastest 150 competitors from the qualification will be split in three groups of 50 competitors each as follows:
– Group A for competitor 1-50, group B for competitor 51-100, group C for competitor 101-150
– Each group will start as mass start
– The WINNER of the “Beach Race” is the rider who completes most laps in “15 minutes plus 1 more lap”
– Each finalists ranking will stay within his group. For example: The winner of group B will achieve the 51st place on the beach race results
– Competitors not starting or not completing one lap will be ranked last in their group

8.2 The Forest Race

The “forest time trial race” is a marked race track. The winner is the competitor with the shortest riding time from start to finish and having passed all checkpoints correctly. The competitor must STOP at all checkpoints.

The results of the Forest Race determine the starting order of the Olympos Mountain race as follows:
The first 10 positions of the Forest Race will start in first row at the Olmypos Mountain Race, positions 11-20 will start in second row, 21-30 pos. will start in third row of the mountain race, etc.

A rider not arriving at the “Forest time trial race” finish will be evaluated by the last checkpoint he has correctly passed. The same rule counts for riders missing checkpoints.

Riders not arriving at the finish of the “Forest time trial race” will start from the last starting row(s) of the “Olympus mountain race” 5 minutes after the last of “forest time trial” finishers have left. If your riding time means you will not reach the finish (4 hours maximum riding time) you will be asked to leave the race track at a checkpoint directed back to the riders paddock. The “maximum riding time” is 4 hours counted from everybody’s given individual start time.

The organizer has the right to disqualify participants in case of unfair behavior or in the case of course fouls. The result of the “forest time trial race” determines the starting row of the “Olympus mountain race”. Being late at the start means that riders time is running. Being late by more than one hour means the rider is not allowed to enter the racetrack any more.

Riding off track, taking shortcuts, being more than 25 meters off track will result in 60 minutes penalty.

8.3 The Olympus Mountain Race

The winner is the competitor who arrives first at the finish line having passed all checkpoints correctly. Competitor must STOP at all checkpoints (CP). A rider not arriving in the finish will be evaluated by the last checkpoint he has correctly passed. The same rule counts for riders missing checkpoints.

The start will be a mass start in groups of 10 participants per starting row. Starting interval between each row will be approximately 2 minutes. If your riding time means you will not reach the finish or next checkpoint within the 7 hours “maximum riding time” you will be asked to leave the race track at a checkpoint or a tank point and directed back to the riders Paddock.

The “maximum racing time” will be 7 hours counted from the starting time of the first row.

The organizer has the right to disqualify participants in case of unfair behavior or in the case of course fouls.
– Riders that arrive at the finish on Olympus Mountain at 2365 meters altitude will be awarded with Red Bull Sea to Sky Gold medal.
– The Silver Medal will be handed to riders who are making it through all checkpoints between the start at the beach and the Silver checkpoint within the 7 hours of race time.
– Riders who make from the start at the beach and the Bronze checkpoint within the 7 hours of race time will earn a Bronze Medal.

Medal presentation will be made at the Award ceremony on Sunday evening at the Beach party.

8.4 Miscellaneous

Riding against the race direction = disqualification.

9. Results

Temporary results and later official results will be found on the official Red Bull Sea to Sky event notice board in the Race Headquarters hotel foyer. Temporary results are published each evening; the competitors have one hour after publication of the results to file complaints, objections or protests. If there are no complaints, objections or protests then after 1 hour time the results will become official without further notice.

Protests, complaints, objections

Official protests must be in writing and a protest fee of €100 has to be posted, if the protest is upheld then the €100 will be returned. In the case of an official protest(s) an organized jury meeting will take place to consider this/these. For “agreeable” complaints or objections these will be considered by the Race Director and / or race organizers. In the case of written protests, the arbitrator is the Race Director, the supreme jury of Red Bull Sea to Sky is the race jury, formed by a representative of the event organizers, by an international commissioner and a representative of the Turkish Motorbike Federation TMF.

10. Closing the Track (Piste)

After the race time is over competitors may leave the racetrack only on routes that are marked with signs indicating the riders paddock. The organizers ´sweeper´ vehicles will close the racetrack. Competitors who don’t follow the sweeper’s instructions do so entirely at their own responsibility. Retrieval of a riders machine left on the track cannot be guaranteed by the organizer, however, help will be provided whenever possible.

11. Responsibility and Renunciation to Responsibility of the Participants

Exclusively all competitors take part to the event on their own responsibility. They carry the exclusive civil and penal responsibility for all the damages caused by their motorcycle. Every competitor guarantees that he and his vehicle are covered by liability insurance. If the rider is not the owner of the motorcycle that he drives, he sets everyone, who is involved in the organization of the event free of any claim of the proprietor.

The competitor, who has suffered an accident or damage, renounces by handing in the enrollment, to any right on proceeding or resort over against anyone involved in the organization of the event, in particular towards to:
– The organizer, to his commissaries and helpers
– The owner of the event, used estate as well as towards the carrier of the build facilities and establishments along the track and his commissaries and helper
– The promoter
– The event-sponsors
– The TMF Turkish Motorbike Federation

12. Audio Visual Coverage

In order to permit the widest possible dissemination and promotion of the Red Bull Sea to Sky, any and all persons taking part in the Red Bull Sea to Sky for any reason (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Competitors) acknowledge and agree that their participation in the competition grants to the organizers and assignees the irrevocable right to reproduce and display, without any compensation whatsoever, their name, likeness, voice, biography and history, and more generally, their sports performance in connection with the Red Bull Sea to Sky, as well as the trade name(s), trade mark(s), brand(s) of their vehicle parts manufacturers, constructors and sponsors, in any and all forms, on any me­dia (whether now existing or hereafter developed) and in any format, for all kinds of world-wide use, including advertising and/or commercial use without any restrictions whatsoever except for those mentioned hereinafter, and for the entire du­ration of the protection currently granted for such use by legal or statutory provisions, judicial and/or arbitral decisions of all countries, as well as international conventions (present and future), including eventual extensions that could be made to this duration.

Likewise, with the exception of books, photograph books, comic strips, in any form of publication, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, DVD’s or more generally all video recording or videodiscs, on any kind of device and in any format whatsoever, dealing with all or part of the Red Bull Sea to Sky, posters, travel diaries, autograph books, maps, official programs of the Red Bull Sea to Sky, the organizer will not exploit or allow the exploitation of the individual image of the Competitor in the context of marketing by-products known as merchandising.